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What exactly is CBD oil?

In this blog article we explain exactly what CBD oil can do for your brain. To start with, what exactly is CBD oil? CBD oil is an extract of cannabis that is also called ‘cannabidiol’. Unlike other cannabis products, CBD does not contain psychotropic substances such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so it has no psychoactive effects. CBD has a number of health benefits, including anxiety and stress relief, and immune system support.

Psychological effect

Now that we know what CBD is, let’s look at what it can do for your brain. According to a recent study from 2020 (Campos et al., 2020), CBD has a number of positive effects on the brain. CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress, improving concentration and calming your brain. In addition, it may also help reduce inflammation in the brain, which is associated with mental and neurological disorders such as depression and Alzheimer’s.

Neurological effect

Furthermore, CBD also has a number of non-psychoactive effects on the brain. A 2016 study (Lafuente et al., 2016) showed that CBD has a neuroprotective effect, which means it can help maintain healthy brain functions. In addition, CBD can also help improve sleep quality by reducing anxiety and stress. While much more research is needed to learn more about the effects of CBD on the human brain, the results of these studies seem to indicate that it is a promising supplement for treating a variety of mental and physical conditions .

CBD olie slapen


In conclusion, CBD oil can be a useful supplement for treating anxiety, stress, inflammation and other mental and physical conditions. While more research is needed to learn more about the effects of CBD on the human brain, the results of recent research show that it is a promising supplement.

Since every body reacts differently to natural substances and medicines, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the products will have the hoped-for effect on every user. However, Hempcare uses the highest quality CBD, making the products as pure and effective as possible. In addition, we can demonstrate the quality of our products because they are analyzed and tested for independent university research centers.

You can request access to these analyzes from us at any time, because we want to be as transparent a supplier as possible. We also always recommend that you contact your doctor before you want to start using CBD products.

If you still have questions, we are always ready to answer them!

Natural health for everyone, that’s what Hempcare strives for!

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