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Fit and healthy

People are staying fit and healthy for longer. This is largely due to better nutrition and a change in physical work. This used to be quite physically demanding for many people, but that has changed considerably in the last century. 

However, scientists discovered around 2000 that endorphins cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. That means that only the endorphins produced in the brain are used in the brain. In studies where runners were given endorphin blockers, the subjects still got a runner’s high.

Exercise remains necessary, of course, but we get a lot of our exercise because we do it in a recreational atmosphere, we like to exercise. One of the reasons exercise is so good for us is that it releases endorphins and endocannabinoids. When running, for example, the endocannabinoids also cause the so-called runners high. That feeling that everything seems to go by itself and reduces pain, ultimate bliss. Read more about this in the blog “ The runner’s high and endocannabinoids ”.

But the endocannabinoids don’t just work for running and have a much broader effect than just the runner’s high. The endocannabinoids (and endorphins) are released with every form of exercise and work throughout your body. 

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Receptors throughout your body

For a long time, researchers only suspected that cannabinoids are active throughout the body. This was partly due to the presence of the receptors CB1 and CB2, which were found everywhere in the body. Simply explained, receptors are proteins located on the outer wall of cells. When a cannabinoid (or other enzyme) binds to them, they become active and trigger the cell to work.

Gradually, the suspicions were confirmed. Scientists discovered other receptors and cannabinoids interacted with them in the same way. Cannabinoids appear to work throughout the body.

In addition, (phyto)cannabinoids such as CBD appear to help the body’s own system. The body sees the plant CBD as its own and sends it to places where its own system could use some extra help.

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Move against the pain

Move against the pain

The old-fashioned trinity of healthy living still applies: good night’s sleep, healthy food and sufficient exercise. As a person gets older this is even more important. You can do a lot yourself when it comes to healthy food, but sleeping and moving when your body has complaints and disorders is often more difficult. 

Sufficient exercise helps with good sleep, but when you are in pain your normal reaction is to spare the painful area. However, exercise can actually help reduce the pain because it produces endorphins and endocannabinoids. 

That’s why researchers are now looking at other, lighter forms of exercise instead of the extreme running. They want to know how and when the cannabinoids, such as with a runner’s high, start to work when walking, for example.

But they also investigate it in very gentle movements, such as stretching and stretching, and in inner movement arts, such as Tai Chi. When complaints disappear through cannabinoids, heavier movements may also be possible again. Movements that require muscle strength, make the heart beat faster and make the blood flow faster.

Hempcare Sleep and Hempcare Sport

Hempcare has several special CBD oil variants to help the elderly stay healthy and vital. For example, Hempcare Sport can support the body’s recovery after exercise and Hempcare CBD Sleep can improve sleep. For more information about sleeping and CBD, you can read this blog Better sleep thanks to CBD oil .

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Endocannabinoids, exercise, pain and a path to health with aging
Bruce A. Watkins
Mol. Aspects Med.
December 2018
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